Early Life

Alfred Huberman was born Abram Huberman on 20 December 1927 in Pulawy in Poland. He was the only son of Moshe and Czarna and had five sisters.

The photograph below is the only surviving photograph of Alfred with his sisters. His sister Rivka has her arm around Alfred; the two older sisters were called Franya and Ides and the youngest child Perla is sitting next to Rivka’s twin, Tzril.

© Huberman Family

© Huberman Family

Alfred had a happy childhood; it was a very caring family and they all got on well together. His father was a shoemaker and although they weren’t very well off, they were well looked after and his mother always made sure they had plenty of food and were well dressed. Alfred’s father Moshe was always helpful to others in need.

Moshe and Czarna with Alfred's sister Ides © Huberman Family

Moshe and Czarna with Alfred’s sister Ides
© Huberman Family

Alfred often used to visit his grandparents in their house on the sand by the river Vistula in Pulawy. When he was seven he took and passed an entrance exam for school and later he remembered the schoolchildren having to wear a black armband when the Chief of State, Józef Klemsn Pilsudski died in 1935.

He enjoyed school and was very bright, a natural linguist and excelled at writing and composition. He used to write and compose many letters for people in the town who had relatives in Palestine and France and elsewhere. When Germany invaded Czechoslovakia, the Headmaster Hendryk Adler, asked the class to write letters to a Czech school welcoming them to Poland. Alfred’s was chosen since it was the best letter with the neatest handwriting.

Alfred attended school with a cousin who used to defend him when they began to encounter anti-semitism. In September 1939 Pulawy was seized by the Nazi-Germany armed forces; Alfred’s house was demolished and the family were forced to find alternative accommodation.

Map showing Pulawy & surrounding area Map data ©2016 Google

Map showing Pulawy & surrounding area
Map data ©2016 Google (added graphic)


Satellite image - Pulawy marked with red line. The river Vistula is on the left (blue dot) Map data ©2016 Google

Satellite image – Pulawy (marked with red line).  The river Vistula is on the left (blue dot) 
Map data ©2016 Google  (added graphic)