As for 2017, a large number of entries were received again this year.  The judges (Lake District Holocaust Project), Catherine Edmunds, and the Huberman family unanimously agreed the following final placement decisions.

Photographs and prize winning entries to follow.


Secondary School Prizewinners

First Prize – Edward Lilley – The Lakes School, Windermere

Second Prize – Theo Parkyn – The Lakes School, Windermere

Third Prize – Poppy Elliott – Queen Elizabeth School, Kirby Lonsdale

Special Prize has also been awarded to Madelaine Freeman for the song “Holocaust”

Highly Commended

James Bowen – The Lakes School, Windermere

Chloe Blinkhorn – Chetwynde School, Barrow-in-Furness

Max Dixon – Chetwynde School, Barrow-in-Furness

Georgia Jennings – Kirkbie Kendal School, Kendal

Rafe Moate – Ulverston Victoria High School, Ulverston

Darcie Fraser – Ulverston Victoria High School, Ulverston


Freddie Dobson, Kate Backhouse, Annie Hodgson, Erin Keegan, Emily Beacock, Jake Hollis, Bethan Morgan, Juraj Smigorsky, Erin Mae Ingram, Louis Lydka – The Lakes School, Windermere

Abbie Pearman, Charlotte Drake, Mattias Avram, Emma Gorsuch, Lauren Earney – Regents Park Community College, Southampton

Zara Spedding, David Jesson, Joseph L’Anson, Jasmine Blake – Chetwynde School, Barrow-in-Furness

Ralf Connor, Elijah James, John Egner, Annia Dodd, Matthew Riley, Alexia Mackay, Hermione Holmes, Nisha Allamby, Megan Littler, Amelia Heseltine, Harrison Shields, Lucy Ormston, Lucy Brooks, Theo Stevens, Wadeson Woodhouse, Olivia Addison, Joseph Stephens, Hanna Sutton, David Vyner-Brooks, Edward McHugh, Tom Allan – Queen Elizabeth School, Kirby Lonsdale

Holly Steadman, Sophie Rouse, Owen Baxendale, Jessica Sands, Emily Taylor-Dickinson, Zahra Suriya, Leonie Milburn, Daisy Scott, Farrah Minton – Ulverston Victoria High School, Ulverston


Primary School Prizewinners

First Prize – Leo Harrison, Rylands Primary School, Lancaster

Second Prize – Emma Slater, Ghyllside Primary School, Kendal

Third Prize – Fatima, Carden Primary School, Brighton

Highly Commended

Sorsha – Ghyllside Primary School, Kendal

Catherine – Ghyllside Primary School, Kendal

Sam – Carden Primary School, Brighton


William Clarke, Connor Denwood, Barbara Berry – Rylands Primary School, Lancaster

Faith Wilson, Myles Farron, Holly Spencer, Ashlin Binu – Dane Ghyll Primary School, Barrow-in-Furness

Scarlet, Ruby Ward, Ethan Mullaney – Chetwynde Primary School, Barrow-in-Furness

Emily Ince, Ashleigh, Megan, Evie Meyrick, Ailsa, Amani, Harriet – Ghyllside Primary School, Kendal

Tamsin, Erica, Fifi, Bailey – Carden Primary School, Brighton




Almost 500 entries were received from primary and secondary schools in the South Lakes, Cumbria and further afield.

The entries were read by officers of the Lake District Holocaust Project and sent to Catherine Edmunds for her judgment and finally to the Huberman family.  Catherine is not only a writer and poet but also the daughter of one of the child Holocaust Survivors who came to the Lake District – Jana Tanner – and has written the story of her mother’s experiences in the Second World War in her book My Hidden Mother.


Catherine thought that “the best writing was superlatively good”.  The decisions were unanimous and Shirley Huberman and her children, Maurice, Brian & Caroline also made the final placement decisions.


Secondary School Prizewinners – please click on pdf entry links to read the winners’ entries

First Prize – Isabel Hughes – Queen Elizabeth School, Kirby Lonsdale

First prize entry

Second Prize – Isabelle Walker – Ulverston Victoria High School, Ulverston

Second prize entry

Third Prize – John Sedgwick   – Settlebeck High School, Sedbergh

Third prize entry


Toby Umpleby and Isabel Hughes, Queen Elizabeth School, Kirby Lonsdale


From Left to Right : Noah Fisher, Isabelle Walker & Megan Cooper – Ulverston Victoria High School

Highly Commended

Megan Cooper – Ulverston Victoria High School

Noah Fisher – Queen Elizabeth School, Kirby Lonsdale

Olivia Linton – Furness Academy School, Barrow-in-Furness

Robbie Nicholson – Furness Academy School

Lillie Grace Roberts – Furness Academy School

Lewis Shears – Ulverston Victoria High School

Toby Umpleby – Furness Academy School



Annabel Atherton – Ulverston Victoria High School

Nina Barnes – Ulverston Victoria High School

Josie Bower – Furness Academy School

Carina Davies – Ulverston Victoria High School

Lois Davili – Ulverston Victoria High School

Fraser G – Furness Academy School

Ted Hodgson – Settlebeck High School

Helen Leckey-Thompson – Ulverston Victoria High School

Matthew Lewin – Settlebeck High School

Eleanor Maddock – Ulverston Victoria High School

Eleanor Moffett – Ulverston Victoria High School

Bridget O’Brien – Ulverston Victoria High School

Zack Pearson – Furness Academy School

Jay Riley – Furness Academy School

Harry Taplin – Ulverston Victoria High School

Emily Woodfine – Furness Academy School

Martha – Settlebeck High School


Primary School Prizewinners – please click on pdf entry links to read the winners’ entries

First Prize – Thomas Twydell-Satterly – Milbourne Lodge School, Esher

First prize entry – Primary schools

Second Prize –  Ruby Gordon – Ghyllside Primary School, Kendal

Second prize entry – Primary schools

Third Prize – Pip Park – St. Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School, Windermere

Third prize entry – Primary schools


Some of the Primary School Winners

Highly Commended

Summer Dickson – Lancaster Ryelands Primary School

Connor Evans – Carden Primary School, Brighton

Louis Highcliffe – St. Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School

Annie McElhone – St. Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School

Luca Read – Ghyllside Primary School

Charles Tiedeman – Milbourne Lodge School

Theodore Tyler-Low – Milborne Lodge School

Franchesca – Carden Primary School

Adam – Carden Primary School